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My Morning Routine

You can down load my daily planner here —> Nineveh Daily Planner

Today, I’d like to walk you through the different aspects of my morning routine that I included in the planner.

Prayer: Morning Offering and Angelus:  I have it scheduled for this to happen at 6 am. But that doesn’t always work out. Instead I just aim for it to be the first thing I do each day, regardless of the time I get up. The most important thing you can do to start your day off right, is to get enough sleep. So please don’t beat yourself up if you need extra rest.

Here are the links to the Angelus, and to the Morning Offering. you can print them out and have it ready if you choose. I prefer to use a prayer app on my phone. Let me know if you’d like recommendations.

Drink a glass of room temperature water with lemon. It’s important to get hydrated and this helps with detoxing and getting your bowels moving on a daily basis.

While sipping my water, I sit for a few minutes and do some Social Media, mostly inspirational stuff that will set the  right tone for the day.

Workout: I then proceed to my daily work out. I started this with the Nineveh 90 and it has been amazing. I had to start slowly as I was extremely out of shape…out of breath climbing stairs…out of shape. Three weeks into it and I like to run up my stairs at home…because I can! 😀

I started with  the  Leslie Sansone 1 Mile Walk

and am now working on the C2K5

It doesn’t matter what you do, just get moving when you can!

Breakfast: I am currently doing The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

My favorite breakfast is a fruit smoothie. I add one scoop of Paleo Protein Powder, it makes it delicious and nutritious. Then add the fruits I like to the Blender…usually half of a banana, some frozen blueberries, 1 tablespoon of Almond Butter and 1 cup of Coconut Milk! Then blend it all together…yummm! 

Then I do a quick kitchen clean up. The kids help with rebooting the dishwasher. And hubby helps with the after dinner messes, so this is usually just a quick thing. 

Morning Routine continues in the Master Suite where I make my bed, shower up and get dressed, swish and swipe my sink and toilet, and get one load of laundry going. If you have done the FlyLady routines, much of this will will seem familiar to you. 

Daily Mass: My goal is to get all of this done by 8:30 am so that I can make it to the 9 am MASS. I’m still working on that one. It’s hit or miss…with a lot of misses so far. But I keep trying, that’s what matters. This is probably when some of you who work outside the home would be leaving the house. If I don’t make it to Mass, I often dedicate this time to growing my Photography Business.

School: We homeschool, so when I get back from Mass around 10 am, it’s one on one time with each child. They’re in their teens now and capable of doing quite a bit on their own, which is great but I still need to stay on top of things. 

And that’s the morning. I have added some links to this page, as an Amazon Associate if you buy products through me, I will receive a small commission for it. So I thank you in advance for blessing my family through your purchases. 😀  

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The Plan for Lent and Beyond


photo by Essy D Photography

I often hear people say that they can’t do such and such a thing for Lent because they’ll fail, or won’t do it properly, or whatever other excuse they can come up with. The thing is that that’s sort of the point. I mean if you are trying to let go of sin, then yes…success is imperative. However, if you are merely giving up a good because you are a little too attached to it, then it’s ok to face the struggle. In fact I’d say that it’s a big part of what Lent is about. You need to come to the point that you realize that you can’t do it on your own and that you need a ‘Savior’…you NEED Jesus! No matter what our struggles are, He’s the only One that can provide the perfect solution for us.No problem is too big, or too small. So the aim of Lent is not to test your own strength, but for you to come to realize and depend on God’s and build or strengthen your relationship with Him. That’s it…that’s the point…a more intimate walk with Jesus!

So after having prayed about it and feeling that this is what the Lord wants from you, then you are ready for the Lenten Journey. Stick with me and we’ll ‘step into it’ together. The way we make it through is to keep our focus on Jesus. You’ve heard the phrase, keep the goal in mind. It’s the same idea. We are going to be crossing the barren desert into the Promised Land. So we will be focusing on what is in front of us and not on what is underneath our feet, nor on that which we have left behind. The thing that is waiting for us is a life of grace and virtue. So that is exactly what we’ll be focusing on, with Jesus by our side the entire time. The Lord has given me 12 Virtues to focus on. I had started on February 13th with the Nineveh 90 folks but I’m being inspired to start over, and to keep going until Pentecost! Come Holy Spirit!

Here is a list of the Virtues we’ll be focusing on:

Wk 1: Humility                Wk 5: Faith                      Wk 9: Courage

Wk 2: Chastity                 Wk 6: Hope                      Wk 10: Obedience

Wk 3: Friendship             Wk 7: Patience               Wk 11: Perserverance

Wk 4: Love                         Wk 8: Wisdom                Wk 12: Poverty


We will appropriately start with humility this coming week and will continue stepping right through Holy Week  which will see us focusing on Hope for the conclusion of Lent, then if you decide to keep going with me we will complete the 12 weeks and then start back up with Humility which leads us right to Pentecost Sunday.

We will of course be open to ALL of God’s graces and any work that He wants to do in and through us. However by focusing on a specific virtue, we are giving ourselves holy boundaries so that our mind and strength doesn’t get scattered in every which way.

Help for the Journey:

1)If you need book suggestions, please check out Our Book Store , I will be adding new books as I feel inspired.

2) You can download my FREE daily planner that I’ve put together just for this journey. Nineveh Daily Planner

3) And you can also reach out to me at any time via the different Social Media sites.




So I hope that you decide to step into this Lenten Journey with me, as we aim to keep our focus on Jesus and the virtues that  He’d like us to learn and grow in.

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Nineveh Daily Planner

I have put together a daily planner that brings together the Nineveh 90 daily devotions as well as some FlyLady like tasks. It also has a weekly virtue to focus on.
Click on link to download


I printed one of these for each day

and one of these for each week

I then put it together in a binder with weekly dividers. 

And I also added some pretty lined paper under each week’s tab for notes on the week’s virtue or anything else the Lord is showing me.

This is very specific to my own needs, but you can print this and just cross off what’s not applicable and write in whatever suits you better. Or you can just use this as inspiration to create your own. I hope it’s helpful.

I started this back on February 13th when the Nineveh 90 started, but I’m thinking that I’m going to restart the virtues over next week…there is so much to it. That will take me up to Pentecost Sunday! 🙏

Please let me know if you end up using it, and I’ll pray for you.


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