Week One: Humility

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Joy in the moment

This was the first week of Nineveh 90, a 90 day period of fasting and prayer in preparation for the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparition in Fatima, Portugal. To go along with it, I chose one virtue per week that I’m to learn more about and grow in. ‘Humility’ was for the first week, or I’d like to think that the Lord chose it for me (as well as all virtues for the remaining weeks). It started off with me being reminded of the following prayer that was written by a dear friend, Catholic Shepherd.  When he showed it to me, the thing that captured my interest was the names of the two chosen saints, as they were my parents names as well. I had loved these saints separately, but had never thought of them together this way. 

Although it all resonated with me at a deep level, it wasn’t until re-reading it last Sunday that it really hit me hard that THIS was the epitome of humility. All of it, with total surrender being the ultimate desired state of being and that these two saints embraced it so well! 

Personal lessons from the week:

I am weak but He is strong. Learn to be ok with being alone. God alone is sufficient. Seek love within.

The answer to my hunger for love and fulfillment will not come from outside myself. When I look for answers out there, it always disappoints. People are imperfect beings, only God can offer us what we most want and need. He IS perfect love itself. 

 My body is the Temple of the Lord, to be used in His service and to be cared for accordingly. Be responsible for self-care.

I can’t ignore my health,  or push it on to others like my family or my doctors. It is up to me to do what is right, especially as it concerns eating right, exercising, getting enough rest. God leads me to the right path, but I need to step into it myself. 

Humility demands that I confidently step into the role that the Lord has entrusted me with.

I often lack self confidence (or actually ‘confidence in the Lord’ would be more accurate), and justify my self deprecating ways as being humble which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Humility is knowing who you are in the Lord (what He’s called you to) and ‘stepping into it’!  If we catch ourselves saying no to God because we don’t think we could do something, or not do it well…that might be pride kicking in…we don’t want to look like fools, what if we fail, what if they laugh, what if they talk about us…what if. Humility is giving it all to God! Think of Mary…may it be done to me according to your word! YES! Whatever You want Lord! Total surrender!


Release perfectionism. Let go of expectations. What is, is ok.(It is what it is). To accept this moment just as it is without wanting to tweak it or improve it in any way, evokes joy. Stay present, it opens us up to miracles.

When I can accept the simplest of moments and am able to see beauty in it instead of all the small faults that it may contain, I am filled with gratitude! 

Don’t invest in the outcome, invest in the process.

It’s ok to have goals, but I need to approach things differently…to just enjoy the journey. If the steps themselves are taken side by side with God then the final destination will be reached without so much struggling. 

Fr. Leo Clifford – Humility

Matt Maher – Lord, I Need You
I Give You My Heart | Hillsong
Hard wired for happiness (audible)

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