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A soul on FIRE!

IMG_9063I’ve been doing the St. Anthony Novena this week and a number of things have come together that is hard for me to even explain right now. But suffice it for me to say that I feel the Lord working in my soul in a profound way. I’ve been journaling all week and now I feel led to just scribble down a few of the ‘messages’ I’ve been receiving. This is the point that I need to say that I use Christian lingo a bit and if this all seems very strange to you, then maybe just skipping it for now might be the right thing for you. Only because I really want to get to what I need to write instead of explaining why I feel I’m receiving messages in the first place…lol. But let me just say that I’m not ‘special’ or insane, this is the type of relationship that the Lord wants with each of us. 😉 And I also need to say that these messages are most and foremost for ME. I’m not a theologian and if the terms I use aren’t correct and somehow contradictory to church teaching, then I am the one in the wrong and have misunderstood.  I’m only sharing them in case they may inspire others to pursue a closer relationship with the Lord, because I’m thinking that this is going to become more and more important in the coming days. So let’s get right to it.

1) Let the Lord set you on FIRE!!!
Be led by Him in His service, don’t refuse Him anything. Even when it seems like foolishness. It’s the everyday, yet extraordinary forms of obedience that He requires. He is calling each of us to HOLINESS right where we are.

I specifically understood Him asking me to “Be a woman of glory. A light in the darkness. Keep growing in sensitivity to God’s grace.”

2)Jesus alone is the answer and where our help is to come from.
Release all idols (strongholds, addictions, inordinate attachments…specifically helplessness, perfectionism, emotional dependence on other people.)
Don’t fight the old, just build the new.
Focus on love (to love is to struggle).
Purity is required for this type of all encompassing love.

3)Serve others and be a light.
Build each other up. Give grace to receive grace, especially through prayer.
Spread love wherever you go, especially in your home and those closest to you.
Wherever you are(even in the virtual world which is growing in metaphysical strength.), you are needed according to your gifts.
Sometimes you are there as a spiritual warrior (Be aware that you need to be properly prepared) and other times as a healer to bind the wounded.

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