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Disney Vacation Photos

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Whirlwind Week (brain dump)

    The week started and finished with my heart in pieces…grieving the loss of loved ones, particularly my dad. Sunday the 6th was the 7th anniversary of his passing, and then the 10th was his birthday, and then of course today the 11th just opens up all types of old wounds about losing loved ones. It’s like walking around constantly with a piece of you missing.  

But then there were a few highs thrown in there for good measure too.  On Tuesday the 8th (Our Blessed Mother’s Birthday) I did my re consecration to Jesus through Mary! It means that I trust our mother to lead me to Jesus since she knows her Son the best. I’ll have to do a separate blog post about that.   

As a result of this 33 day preparation, I believe Our Mother gave me a precious gift. Newer insights into some persistent, long term issues. I was lead to read “Driven to Distraction” by Edward Hallowell, MD. And am now seeing so many things in a different light…again…enough there for its own blog post at some point. 

We are also about to leave on a road trip, so there is packing and the usual worrying that accompanies such things. I hope to be periscoping parts of it, so if you don’t yet have the app…get it so you don’t miss out on all the excitement. đŸ˜‰ If you don’t see me as much on Facebook or other social media sites, this is why. It will be easier to just compose an update here in the blog and then just disperse it accordingly. 

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St. Stephan of Hungary Pray for Us


At Mass this morning, Fr. David spoke about St. Stephan of Hungary, when I heard the (Hungary) part and that he was some how related to St. Adelaide, I suspected that he may be one of my ancestors as well. St. Adelaide as some of you may remember is my 32nd great aunt. Well I just looked up St. Stephan and it turns out that he is a direct ancestor…my 31’st great grand father. I kind of hope that the portions of my DNA  that originated in that area comes from him…wouldn’t it be cool if someday genetics does get that precise? For now it’s enough to know that I’m here because of him…and I’m grateful.

By the way it turns out that Saint Adelaide is Saint Stephan’s wife’s great aunt. đŸ™‚

Any other genealogy enthusiasts reading this?

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