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Stepping into it…Parenting!


This past week I’ve been eye ball deep into all things ‘parenting’. We homeschool and one of my kids has Autism…do I need to say anymore? So my big plan for the week had been getting our diet cleaned up so that my son would be more receptive to doing some school work and then for me to order curriculum for the school year. I think I did well on both ends.

The diet part was tricky at first. We started out at the beginning of the month doing a Whole30. For those of you who don’t know, it is an elimination diet of sorts. You remove all grains, dairy, sugars etc for 30 days. What you can eat is meats, veggies, fruits, most nuts. What my very picky son who pretty much hates all vegetables actually ended up eating was tons and tons of fruit though. Years ago, I had discovered that he didn’t react well to certain fruits. Bananas, watermelons, and apples were especially troubling. But since we were cutting off so many other foods, I let him have a go at them. Oh boy! His autism symptoms were exacerbated to an incredible degree. Echolalia, stimming, erratic emotions, he even became somewhat volatile at times. Scary! Since nothing else had changed, I feel pretty confident that it was the fruit. When I first became aware of the fruit issue, I learned about how some children on the spectrum react badly to high phenol foods. So I had gone with that theory. Then I read further in the GAPS book that a phenol reaction is most likely a detox reaction, so it’s actually producing something good and shouldn’t be too much an area of concern. However, this time around something else was made clear to me. Since I was doing the diet myself, and tend to have similar symptoms to my son, albeit in a much lesser form…I could listen to my own body with its many and varied symptoms and makes changes accordingly. So after much reading, I’ve come to the conclusion that what we are battling here is not a phenol sensitivity at all…but Candida or yeast overgrowth. My son had received intensive doses of antibiotics at the age of 3 following his intestinal surgery. It was only after that, that the autism became very apparent and worrisome to us. I believe that even though he probably always had the propensity for it…these conditions made it worse. The antibiotics stripped the gut not only of the bad bacteria that was causing his multiple infections but of all the good guys also. With the good guys out of the picture, yeast quickly takes over and spreads like wild fire. So…now we know…and my plan of action is a low sugar diet along with supplements.

Second on the agenda  was homeschooling curriculum. I decided to go back to Catholic Herritage Curriculum. We had been with them for several years, before trying something else to change it up a bit. However,” if it’s not broke don’t fix it” is now my new motto. lol. Picking what grade to use is always fun around here, especially when teaching two that are so close in age…I really didn’t want to be having two different classes for everything. So I picked a grade that would be ok for the youngest for following the teaching guide…and then each child will have their own workbooks at their own level. win, win. Yay me!


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I am SO tempted at this point to just say ‘sorry, I’ve got nothing for ya’. Seriously…this has been where the deepest growth in my life is taking place right now…and if you are a Christian you are well aware that growth only takes place in the darkest of places. First of all, if you know us personally, I don’t want you to come out of this thinking ‘oh my gosh, they are going to split up’. This is all me folks…I’m lucky to be married to the most caring, understanding human being on the plant. It is my menopausal, hormonal, self evaluating, mid life crisis. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then this might not be the article for you. I realize that I’m writing to a very select few…and still I carry on…out of obedience to what the Lord is putting in my heart. No answers at this point…mostly questions…and lots of ‘thoughts’ strung together. So again I apologize if this one makes no sense.

First of all I will start with ‘submission’. As a devout Catholic Christian and a lover of ‘obedience’ to the word of God and His Church, this is something that I am big on. I know without a doubt that there is a line of authority and as we submit ourselves to it, then we really can’t go wrong in God’s eyes. Graces abound! However, let me tell you that we in our human frailty can get this very wrong. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to rub some people the wrong way. Sorry…that is not my intent.

The place I was at in my head was an ideal place where husband is head of the household and wife and children submit to his rule. How can you go wrong, right? Well…here’s what happens, if your spouse isn’t familiar with Christian leadership…and really isn’t hearing from God much at all…but you are. You die! No…not in the Christian ‘die to self’…but in the ‘commit spiritual suicide’ and just curl into a clump, because my interior life does not fit my exterior. You can get away with this for quite a few years, in the name of peace and family unity…and even Christian suffering…or however you want to justify it. But here’s the deal. This is not God’s will. You are important to God’s plan, you are valued, you are loved.

What SUBMISSION really means is to be UNDER (sub) someone’s ‘MISSION’. Supposedly you meet someone with the same mission in life as you…you join forces through marriage where the two become one (powerful stuff)…and since you can’t have two heads…and the way men and women were created…the husband leads. But remember you are under the same mission, so he won’t be taking you anywhere that you don’t want to go. You are in it together…head and body… working together!

That’s the ideal…that’s what a sacramental marriage should entail. If you don’t have that…don’t worry, at least not yet. I believe that God can reach us wherever we are and give us enough grace to do whatever He has asked of us. So maybe breaking it up into baby steps might be helpful. What is your joint mission? Obviously raising a family is the number one priority of any marriage. If you are Catholic and don’t see this as being true, I’d suggest you read more about it. Although not all marriages will bear fruit, but the openness to it is of utmost importance.

Raising a family when you and your spouse share very different world views can be extremely difficult, but not impossible. This is where my view and that of more conservative Christians part way. I’ve mentioned before about my adherence to the submissive role. Which was very easy for me being married to a very easy going guy, by the way. However, that ‘easy goingness’ can translate to a lack of leadership. So instead of a head and a body…you may find yourself with two bodies…you don’t really go anywhere that way either and can get yourself into a heap of trouble. I think that if the wife is a stronger Christian, in this case it is perfectly ok for her to take on the reigns for a bit. The husband may then pick up on some cues and eventually be prepared to lead…or not. What is important is that your household, your family be Spirit lead! You obviously can’t make your spouse follow your lead, this is what I was referring before about us being created differently. But keep doing what is best for you and your household to the best of your ability anyway and keep offering it up. Don’t be afraid of what might happen…God’s graces will cover it! So…keep stepping into it! 😉

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Birthing Coaches

Sometimes at difficult points in our lives God connects us with kindred spirits. Those soul friends that get you through and through, that may be going through very similar circumstances at the moment and have similar lessons to learn. It is such a gift. Such as the case of Mary and Elizabeth. When Mary found out that she was with child, she ran to her cousin Elizabeth who was with child also…and were able to support each other. We all need that. Be open to it!

Otherwise the dark moments can seem overwhelming, hopeless even. We need someone to light the way for us so that we can see Jesus in our circumstances. To give us a kick in the pants when we need it (gently of course). And in the next breath be able to tell us how absolutely awesomely strong and amazing we are. 

Those dark moments can be compared to being in labor. If you didn’t have the forethought to know the glorious miracle that was about to happen…the great gift that you would soon receive, you would be very willing to give it all up just a few minutes into it. Life can be like that…but we are often blind to anything but what is right in front of us. We need others to remind us. We need labor coaches…lol. We need someone there that will tell us that the horrifying pain that we are enduring at the moment will indeed pass away and there will be joy in the morning. That it is all worth it. That what we are doing is birthing Christ Himself. That good will come from our pain.

If you don’t have such a person in your life at the moment, then allow the original Christ bearer to be there with you…Mary!  

I’m in the process of renewing my Consecration to Mary, to be completed on September 8th. If you haven’t yet done one and have a devotion to her, I would highly recommend it. It’s simply asking her to be your coach. 😉IMG_3800

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Just a Choice…

IMG_2496Imagine for a moment that you were given a precious little puppy as a well meaning gift (from God Himself). He is absolutely adorable, with big wide eyes and filled with so much energy and a beating heart filled with so much love to give. You however, are not ready to be a care giver for a puppy. You live in a small apartment, you work late hours…the reasons are multiple and varied and very, very personal to you. So you make the gut wrenching decision to take him down to the nearest clinic and have him put to sleep. You somehow managed to convince yourself that this really is the best thing not only for yourself but for the puppy also. I mean…what kind of life could he possible have. You want the very best for him of course. Your friends will not tell you differently…even if they think differently…they don’t want to upset you further and want to be ‘supportive’ of whatever choice you make.

Here’s what they are keeping from you. There’s a couple just down the street who have two children and they would just LOVE that extra addition to their family. There is another woman sitting in her home across town just yearning  to give all her love to a new puppy. Your puppy can indeed have a wonderful life without you…but it IS your choice.

It is your choice because this country has somehow managed to be ok with the senseless killing of innocent, perfectly healthy puppies…so you wouldn’t be breaking this country’s laws. (however moral laws are quite a different thing). So think about it…is this the BEST that you can do with your CHOICE? Can you for a minute allow the possibility that that puppy came into your life for a reason…perhaps not for you…but for you to be able to pass him on to just the right person that is so ready and may have been waiting for quite some time? Can you make the CHOICE of becoming a VEHICLE of GRACE? 

Now…just substitute ‘baby’ for ‘puppy’ and give it some thought.  


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Stepping into Step 2


If step one was a vertical beam coming from heaven to you, then step two is a horizontal beam…going from you to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Place them together and you have the perfect symbol of Christianity…the CROSS! 

Man was not created to be alone. We have a heart overflowing with longing for God that will be completely fulfilled when we reach heaven, but meanwhile we need Him with skin on…we need each other. 

I love the parable of the The Long Spoons .

The moral of the story is that we need each other. I often have good and faithful friends tell me about how they get wonderful insights on how to bless others, and they are able to give amazing advice which sometimes leaves them feeling perplexed as to where it even came from. I have experienced the same thing myself. And yet when it comes to our own lives, the most basic of things completely eludes us. It’s as if a blindness covers our eyes. I will sometimes be speaking to a friend, and when they mention a particular thing I’ll be like ‘well…duhhh…why didn’t I think of that’…lol. Well…there is a reason why we don’t. We were given ‘long spoons’. We were meant to have our pressing needs met by others, and then have enough humility to accept from others what we can’t do for ourselves also. That is Christianity at it’s best. We receive grace, love and inspiration from our heavenly Father and we pass it on. We become vehicles of grace! 

I really believe that this is the importance behind the whole ‘become as little children’ and humility teachings of the Church. Yes, these teachings are helpful for accepting Christ and acquiring salvation…but they are also imperative in communing with Christ in the flesh. Allowing Him to feed us in the here and now…by seeing Him in our brothers and sisters, not only those that need to be fed…but to be accepting of those that can feed us. 

Personally, this is part of what is so wrong with the liberal agenda. They place all of this in the government’s hands. It is anti Christian! It steals from us the graces that come our way by personally helping others.  

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Stepping into…step 1

step1This past week I’ve been focusing on Step 1…self. I like to think of step 1 as a vertical beam, connecting you to heaven…to Jesus Himself! You can’t discover what you need and what your soul craves without consulting the One that created you and then allow yourself to gently be lead forward…by stepping out in obedience.

This initial step is all about discovering yourself. There are of course many layers to ‘self’…mind, body, spirit. This week I focused on the body. My health in the past has been all over the place, nothing really serious but enough wrong to mess with God’s plans for me. It greatly effects my emotional well being, and I’m often plagued with depression and anxiety. Something needed to be done. This is when the Whole 30 plan fell into my lap. I’ve been attempting to do Paleo for a while. Coming from an attempt with GAPS for my son’s sake (who has Autism)…and knowing without a doubt that those principles work, but being completely unable to ‘step into it’. 

This time, feeling a personal call to do this and then making sure that I had the support in place that I would need, I feel hopeful. I also discovered the TTapp exercise program, which I’ve been doing faithfully all week. I feel a renewed sense of energy and power. 

I need the Sacraments to see me through anything that the Lord asks of me…including something that may seem trivial in someone else’s eyes…such as this. So…tomorrow…my plan is to go to Confession. In order to be able to clearly see the guidance that the Lord sends our way…we need to keep debris out of the way. Sin acts very much like trash…muddying the waters to a point that we can no longer see truth and beauty if it were to bite us in the face. 

If you are following me on Facebook, I have started adding has tags to some of my posts to categorize which ‘step’ it conforms to.  So this for example would be #steppingintoit1

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