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Step by Step

I’ve previously posted about the Six Steps to Wholeness.

In the coming weeks, I will be breaking the steps down and focusing on each one, one week at a time.

7/27-8/2: Step 1…personal health and fitness: I will be starting the Whole30 eating plan.

8/3-8/9: Step 2…personal devotions: I will start the process for my yearly consecration to. Mary, that will be completed on September 8th.

8/10-8/16: Step 3…relationships: ???

8/17-8/23: Step 4…kids: finalize homeschooling plans for the year.

8/24- 8/30: Step 5…home organization: due clutter mission…especially homeschooling room…kids rooms and closets.

8/31-9/9: Step 6…business: new marketing strategies…roll out new look for website and pages.

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The Prize of Victory


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Embracing the Cross

We (as worldly beings) seek things in our own terms, not on God’s. We look for the Resurrection without the Cross. In fact we often look to discard the Cross at all costs…the cross of infertility, the cross of loneliness, the cross of longing, we want it GONE and often go to great lengths to accomplish just that. The world tells us that if we only had these things (a baby, this particular relationship) then all in life would be just perfect. Think of the apple in the Garden…it was taken illicitly…and even though it still opened their eyes as was promised, the trust relationship between man and God was broken. Man had to keep on striving to meet his own needs.

The cure then becomes to ‘be still’…stop striving…die already…so that you can be resurrected with Him!

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