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day 4

day 3 by Essy
day 3, a photo by Essy on Flickr.

A challenging day for sure, but nothing that me and the Lord can’t handle. He’s already giving me answers even before the “problem” has been fully identified.

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Day 3

Day 3 by Essy
Day 3, a photo by Essy on Flickr.

Blessed Mother, on this your Feast Day I come to you needy and aching for healing and to be loved. I’m dropping it all at your feet knowing that anything that I give to you, you will make presentable for your Divine Son! Oh Mary full of grace…intercede on my behalf.

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Day 2

Day 2 by Essy
Day 2, a photo by Essy on Flickr.

Mostly just numb! My hope has been laid at the feet of too many idols. Why do I keep grabbing it back from the Lord, and handing it out to other less forgiving lovers? What do I expect to gain from it? Freedom from pain? Maybe…

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Self Knowledge

“Self-knowledge opens to us the reality of the mystery and ugliness of sin as well as to the mystery and beauty of grace. Teresa envisioned the human soul as a castle containing many rooms. Outside the castle there was darkness and fearsome reptiles and creatures trying to impede our way into the castle. The key to the entry of the castle is prayer and reflection.

Once inside we become aware of light emanating from the deepest center, that innermost room, where dwells the Glory of God. However, some of these fearsome creatures manage to squeeze in with us, for they are the temptations, the bad habits, the patterns of sin that accompany us and although the Light continues to stream from the center of the castle, we still experience darkness for that which accompanies us into the castle blocks the light trying to reach us.

There is much work to be done in the first room. We wage a daily battle between the person we wish to be, the person we really are and the person God created us to be. To come to self-knowledge we must be very willing to be honest and this requires humility. What am I really like? How do others see me? Do I spend my time trying to be someone I am not? Do I feel guilty being who I am? How much of the false values of the world around me have I absorbed?”

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Day 1

Day 1 by Essy
Day 1, a photo by Essy on Flickr.

I’m starting a 365 photography project. I want this to be a bitterly honest glimpse at my days. It starts out pretty low. I’ve been sick for weeks, Christmas is around the corner and I’m feeling totally over whelmed with it all.

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