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two dolls, two women

my daughter has two dolls that bring two very special women together. One had been given to my mom by my sisters (you have to know my family for this to make sense…lol). As soon as my mom got it, she named it ‘Luisinha’…after her niece. I had kept it after my mom passed away, and many years later when I had my daughter and she was old enough to play with it, it became hers. The other was a special gift from my sweet cousin, the original Luisinha. It had been a gift from my mom to her when she was a little girl…and having no little girls of her own, she thought my daughter would like it. We asked Luisa at the time what her doll’s name was, but she had never named her…hmmm. Well it’s been a while since the receipt of this special gift. Today, my daughter comes to me and tells me that she finally has a name for her doll. Guess what she named it? Ha. I gotta tell you that she knew nothing of this whole connection that I’m describing here. So are you ready? She named her ‘Maria’…my mom’s name. So now, Maria and Luisinha, stand side by side entertaining my daughter and bringing her great pleasure.

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missing my parents

I know that they belong to the Communion of Saints and are therefore always with me, but sometimes you just miss someone with “skin on” as the little ditto goes.

I miss talking to my mom everyday, especially whenever there was something new or exciting going on in my life…she was my biggest cheer leader. I miss showing off a new hair cut, or a new outfit to her…she made me feel so beautiful…she even thought my feet were cute…lol (only a mother). She pushed me to be my best and always had the best advice. She taught me about prayer(especially the rosary), how to love God, how to love others passionately in words and in deed. She taught me about self-respect. That anger can be rigteous. To be quick to forgive. She taught me the priceless treasure of family, the sanctity of our home. The importance of appreciating beauty and of having fun. She also taught me how to suffer joyfully and ultimately how to die gracefully. That life is precious until the very last breath is drawn.

I miss my dad everyday! I miss talking to him about politics and current events. I miss travelling with him and discovering new territories (LOL…new streets, towns…we were never lost…just discovering new places). I miss how much I, and my kids were loved by him. I miss his singing and his sense of humor. He taught me to go with the flow and to not get too ruffled by exterior stuff. He taught me the importance of interceding for our loved ones. He taught me what to look for in a husband and father for my children. At a time when so many men were hanging out at clubs and bars, he taught me that a man that put his family first is top notch. He taught me how to offer up my suffering. He taught me the importance and beauty of the later years of life. He taught me about selflessness.

I just hope that I have learned my lessons well…

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